ABOUT US – Masters In Momhood

OK so no – we don’t have our masters in momhood or any parenting degree for that matter. We do realize however, that parenting is about continually learning, juggling, reinventing, supporting and ultimately loving our kids, no matter what they do. Even if that means, the hand just went into the poo diaper, the new brand name pair of shoes are not the ones they want, a file on your computer was inadvertently deleted by curious fingers, your new lip stick has disappeared or your wall has just been painted a new shade of green peas (the list goes on).

Our goal at Masters in Momhood is to create that so called parenting handbook for you and with you. We want to provide you with tips, tricks, advice and recommendations to make life at home, just a little easier.

Now about us – we (Alana and Michelle) met when we are about 13 or 14 years old (sorry we can’t remember exactly) – our baby brains have yet to recover. We adventured together through high school, university, our twenties, thirties and now forties…we always have a good time together and are there for each other, through thick and thin. Now as moms, we continue a different kind of journey involving less of dancing on tables and drinking and more of cleaning up the tables and well more drinking…

We hope you will join us on our adventure to become the masters in momhood – is that even possible?

Alana Simon
Co-Founder & Master Mom

Alana Simon is a forty-something married mom of two. She holds a Masters Degree in Dance and is an arts educator.  Alana pretends to enjoy cooking and is always trying to expand her repertoire in the kitchen, although baking is a true passion.

When she is on the iPad, 70% of the time she is planning her family’s next vacation, the other 30% of the time she is playing Candy Crush.

Contact : alana@mamomhood.com

Michelle Daides
Co-Founder & Master Mom

Michelle is a woman who wears many hats and is not afraid to say it. She is not only a dedicated wife and mother of 2 boys but she also is a successful mompreneur. She runs MD Media Inc., a boutique video production and marketing firm that is dedicated to building brands and building profiles. Michelle has a passion for all things creative including a love for great films and theatre. Ask me the last time I have been to either, since becoming a mom….
Michelle is excited to share her thoughts and tips about having kids later in life.
Contact : michelle@mamomhood.com